About Us

                                     (L to R):    Sandy,   Bob,   Carey,   Bill,   Pete.

Expressing moods from exuberant rock 'n roll to sweet ballads, The Bear Bones Project features an impressionistic approach, while still emphasizing the primal rhythmic and harmonic essence of the music. That's right, folks. Their refined stylings, with varied dynamics and intricate shadings, steadily draw the listener into the music.

The band is:
Carey Ahner:   Guitar & Vocals
Pete O'Hearn:  Guitar & Vocals
Sandy Decker:  Flute, Accordion, Percussion & Vocals
Bill Decker:       Bass Guitar
Bob Assini:       Bodhron and Cajón (Acoustic Bear Bones), Drums

(Eric Johnson, our drummer for 7 years, has retired from the Project as of September, 2016)

Carey's solo performances have been delighting the capital region since the early 1990's.  When Sandy and Bill chanced upon one of his gigs in 2009, they immediately realized that introductions were in order.  The three quickly struck up a chemistry, and within a few months, the Bear Bones Trio was starting to hit their stride.  It didn't take long to convince old friends Pete, Bob and Eric to join in the fun, and The Bear Bones Project was born. 

Over the previous decades, these musicians had honed their solo and accompanist skills alongside numerous local bands, all the while synthesizing their individual musical influences into a style of their own.  The wide range of styles that these seasoned musicians collectively embodied all found their way into "The Project".  All their influences, from rock, jazz, funk, R & B and reggae, to Elvis, Beatles, bluegrass, traditional Americana, and Carey's contemporary compositions, mesh magically together into a unified groove.

Carey sets the mood with his warm & welcoming lead vocals, and fluid, nuanced guitar style.  Pete's soulful renditions of both familiar and overlooked tracks from the 60's and 70's will brighten the far-off corners of your memory.  Meanwhile, their solos range from earthy and accessible, to downright blistering, their twin leads peppering the groove.  Sandy adds heartfelt harmony vocals and breezy, melodic flute lines, while the rhythm section of Bob and Bill invoke the groove with imagination and soul.  These folks are listening intently to one another, their sound feeling tribal yet refined, ready to take you along on their spirited musical journey!